5 ways to sneak mindfulness into your day

For those of us working on mindfulness skills, it can be helpful to mix mindfulness exercises into our daily routines. These “mini exercises” can help us to incorporate what we learn in formal exercise in our daily lives. They can also give us a bit more clarity as we go throughout our usual things.

1. Mind the First Bite

Each time you sit down for a meal (or grab a meal on the go) take a mindful moment to fully experience the first bite (or sip if you’re a coffee-junkie like me). Take a moment to experience the smell of your food. Focus your attention on the sensation of biting, chewing and tasting the evolving flavour.

2. Mindful Driving

The next time you hit a red light take a moment to experience 3 breaths. Use the time to fully experience the sensation of air moving in through your nose, expanding your lungs and exiting your mouth.

3. Clean Teeth, Clear Mind

We usually brush our teeth a few times per day. The next time you brush your teeth try to focus all your attention on the sensations of brushing. Try to focus your attention on the physical sensation of brushing and the flavours of the toothpaste.

4. Mindful Movement

No matter your job or method of transportation, there’s likely going to be a time where you’ll be moving form the car/train/bus to the workplace. Use that time to focus your mind on the sensation of your feet touching the ground (or your hands touching the wheels). Notice if there are any smells in the air or any sounds in the environment.

5. There’s An App for That

There’s a few different apps that will go off at scheduled or random times during the day to remind you to take a mindful moment. “Meditation Timer Free” is free and offers and ability to schedule reminders throughout the day.

If you’ve tried any of these or have any other tips for sneaking mindfulness into everyday routines post them below!

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