5 ways the grocery is your gym

1. Park At the Lonely End of the Lot

Find the worst parking spot you can possibly get. Then park that car and start walking. It will add one more minute to your trip but it’ll sneak exercise in. Once you do this a few times it’ll feel much more natural. I can guarantee that finding your car after the shopping trip will be easier than ever!

2. Do A Warm Up Lap

After you get your cart (or basket) do a quick warmup by circling the grocery store. You’ll get a chance to see what sales are on and it’ll give you another one or two minutes or exercise.

3. Carry That Basket

If you only need a few things try using a basket instead. It’ll force you to use your upper muscle strength. The more we use our muscles the more calories we burn without really noticing it!

4. Zig and Zag

If you’re anything like me you probably know exactly how to get through the grocery as quickly as possible. If we shake up our routines we can get in a bit more exercise. Next time try walking down an aisle you haven’t really walked down before. It might give you new recipe ideas and it’ll sneak in a few extra steps throughout the day.

5. One Bag at a Time

When you get home try unloading one bag at a time from the car. It’ll force you to take more trips than usual which adds up to taking more steps than usual.

If you’ve tried any of these or have any other tips for sneaking in exercise at the grocery post them below! If you use a pedometer or step tracking app let us know how many extra steps this gets you during the day!

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