5 ways to get your sleep

1. Exercise The true panacea, exercise really is good for everything.  A recent systematic review by Passos et al. (2012) looked at all the studies on sleep and exercise that were published between 1983 and 2011.

5 ways to sneak mindfulness into your day

For those of us working on mindfulness skills, it can be helpful to mix mindfulness exercises into our daily routines. These "mini exercises" can help us to incorporate what we learn in formal exercise in our daily lives.

5 ways the grocery is your gym

1. Park At the Lonely End of the Lot Find the worst parking spot you can possibly get. Then park that car and start walking. It will add one more minute to your trip but it’ll sneak exercise in.

5 ways friday

Everyone knows how important exercise is. It reduces our risk of several diseases, improves our fitness and improves our mood. So why do so few of us (myself included) get in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week? Life gets in the way.